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To unearth the gifts and talents of children around the world by providing environments where growth can occur, while instilling the belief that each child has been uniquely created for a divine purpose.


 Jeanna Heuring

      President and Founder

Teaching gifted children for over 10 years has taught me that every child has unique abilities and can make a difference.  There are children all over the globe who have amazing gifts and talents that may never be utilized to help our world if people do not seek them out and invest in their future.  It is my mission to identify and cultivate the gifts in children on a global scale in order for them to bring change to their world and ours. 


Jan Meier-Nielsen

       Vice President


In working with children in Haiti for the last 10 years, I have come to realize that their hopes and dreams are just like ours.  Their level of access to food, shelter, and quality education is the drastic difference between life as a child in Haiti and life as a child in America.  My mission is to use the gifts and talents that I possess to enable the gifts and talents of children around the world to shine.  Our world needs what they have to offer! 

Kari Bonnell



I am a mother of two and a middle school teacher.  I realize that I need to use the blessings that God has  given me in order to spread love to those less fortunate.  I want to couple my gifts and my educational experiences with my passion for equality to help educate the children of Haiti and others around the world.

Beckie Robertson



I have been self-employed for 20 years and have worked as a bookkeeper for 30 years.  Joining A Gifted Generation has allowed me to use my skills and abilities to bring hope and a future to the next generation of world leaders!  I am very passionate about helping children around the world see their purpose fulfilled!

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