Here are the students in our

Gifted Program!

Click on the images above to get a closer look at the
amazing children we are working with in Savanette, Haiti! :)  
The children are in grades 2-4, and you can find a
picture of our teacher in the images above as well!
There are 12 students in our program, and we are very proud of their hard work this school year!  
We are excited to challenge them and help them to develop their gifts and talents. 
They are the future leaders of Haiti, and we are so blessed to be able to sow into their lives! 
We will continue to share more information 
about the students as we move forward!
Juvenson Osca.png
Oscarline Osca.png
May Chilove Morose.png
Rose Etienne.png
Pierre Chery.png
Wislaine Fatal.png
Widmie Bernadin.png
Weindine Satis.png
Jonsley Etienne.png
Sony Altidor.png
Dimise Altidor.png
Atlanta Lormevil.png
Walkleve Joseph.png
Madame Phileppe Rose Isnade.png

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