We have the land, now we need the facility!

The image above is an example of what we plan to build in Les Cayes, Haiti.

The structure is created using semi-truck trailers!  By using innovative materials we can create cost-effective and safe housing for the children.


There are a variety of ways you can help.

Check them out below!

Current Projects

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"Changing" Haiti Project

Click HERE to request a cup, fill it up with change and bills, and return it to us!

It's THAT simple!! 

Here are a few ideas!

~ Put a cup out at work & at home

~ Pass the cup around at events/gatherings

~ Give cups to neighbors/family/friends

~ Have your children take on the project themselves as a way to give to others!

Create a Project!

I'm sure as you're reading this page, creative ideas are already filling your mind!

If you have a great idea for a way to raise funds to support A Gifted Generation, 

click HERE!

We will would love to hear your ideas and partner with you to bring more opportunities to children in Haiti that will empower them to change their families, communities, and their nation!

Your hands can change the world.  Let's do this TOGETHER!  :)

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