Jump Challenge!

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Jeanna's Jumping Challenge!  ~ ~ ~

What was your favorite activity as a kid?

Jump roping was one of my FAVORITES! :)  

The children in Haiti love it, too!


So, I'm embarking on a 2 hour jump challenge to raise money to continue to fund our talent development programs in Haiti!


If you want to join me in the challenge, you don't have to jump with me, you just have to pledge an amount below!  


The challenge will take place on May 31st from 

3pm - 5pm!  You will be able to watch me jumping and 


What I will be working on this trip is:


  • Teaching the Haitian children in our Globally Gifted program how to use DVD technology


  • Connecting the Hatian children with my Perrysburg students via DVD English Lessons


  • Having the students there create Creole DVDs that I can bring back to share with my students!


  • Collaborating with the Haitian teacher from our program  and teaching with her for the week

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